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Product News July 2007.

Gold transfer lettering foil.

Transfer gold color to laser printed text.


HPS offer new transfer media Gold Foil. This Foil Transfer media is ideal to apply gold foil effect to lettering and art work. This process will work on documents that have been previously copied in B/W copier or printed in laser printer. To understand the concept better please read the instructions here below or go to the instruction page.
The main benefit of using this gold foil is the ability to apply gold foil lettering effect to art and text without having to invest in expensive professional equipment. This gold transfer is used in heat laminators. The Gold effect (the shiny metallic gold effect) will ONLY transfer to the area of the document where you want gold and not elsewhere. For further info read the instructions here below. This gold transfer foil must be used in quality heated laminators. Cold laminators such as some hand cranked models sold in some office supply warehouses will NOT work as these models do not supply any heat. Heat is what makes the gold foil stick to the surface of that paper so you must use laminator that has heater roller. Some other low cost heat laminators that are designed mainly to laminate pouches will NOT work well or at all. To ensure compatibility with you


To test your  equipment send for free sample send self addressed envelope with return postage to:

Dept. GTF/FS
P.O. BOX 0855
Rhome, TX 76078-0855

You do not need to include any letter if you address the letter as shown here above.

Make professional looking certificates, awards, diplomas, invitations, production labels etc.

Gold Transfer Foil.

1) Design the document using your favorite publishing or draw program.

2) Separate the part of the document you want transferred into gold and save it in a new file.

3) Print out this new file (containing the part that will be transferred into gold finish) on just regular white paper using you computer printer (Inkjet laser or other type)

4) Now you must photocopy this onto the paper your are using for the final finish. This is done to make the design transferable. You can skip this step if you are using compatible B/W laser printer.

5) Use scissors to cut a piece of the transfer foil. Cover the letters or the artwork with the foil Make sure the shiny side (the gold side) is AWAY from the paper and secure with removable tape. Run this through the laminator. Use the highest heat if the laminator has adjustable heat setting.

6) Remove the tape and peel off the foil and the gold will have transferred only to the black letters or the artwork but NOT anywhere else.

7) Now you can use an Inkjet printer or any laser printer to finish printing the document or artwork.


 You must perform step # 4 in the instructions as the Papilio gold foil will not transfer onto artwork printed in Inkjet printers, wax printers or color laser printers.

Using Domestic Iron to transfer the gold foil.

1) Set the Iron to the highest heat setting and let it warm up.

2) Surface preparation is important. We recommend using new wood cutting table and on top of it a section of thin craft carton.

3) Cut the Gold Transfer Foil in such way this is extends no more than 1/16 " beyond the lettering or the artwork.

4) Put the gold foil over the lettering or artwork with the transfer adhesive facing the artwork and the shiny gold side facing UP. There is no need to glue the foil using tape as when using a laminator.

5) Cover the lower part of the document (the part below the gold transfer section) with regular photo copy paper. DO NOT COVER the gold foil with this paper. This is done to prevent the iron from possibly damaging the rest of your document while working the gold foil.

6) With just the tip of the iron begin ironing directly on back of the foil moving the iron back and forth while maintaining pressure AND working from LEFT to RIGHT in small sections.

DO NOT place the iron over the whole piece of the gold foil as this will cause the foil to wrinkle BEFORE it fuses to the artwork. Do not try to cover too large area while ironing the foil as the foil may also wrinkle before fusing. Just work slowly from one end to the other.

7) Let the transfer cool for 10 seconds before peeling the foil off.

The cream colored side of the foil is the adhesive side. If you happen to have small dots of gold transfer in unwanted areas then this can be removed using an eraser. GTF is a heat activated transfer media used to apply shiny gold effect to art or letters that have first been printed on B/W laser printer or copied in B/W photocopiers.

GTF must be used with Quality HOT laminator or in a heat press. Some small/simple hot melt (pouch) laminators may NOT work with this foil.



Most of our media is available in 8.5" X 11" and 11" X 17" In many cases we can also cut our media to other larger or smaller sizes.

If you don't see the inkjet media you are looking for listed here please call us at 871-489-5249 10 am to 4 pm central time.

For other "How to" questions please read our FAQ.

Disclaimer: The user of our media must determine the suitability of each product before beginning production, using his equipment and method of application. The Sellers and Manufactures maximum obligation shall be to replace paper/film that has been found to be defective. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller shall be held liable for any injury, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use our paper or film.