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Water slide decal paper.

Water applied decal paper.

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Product instructions and general information.

Inkjet Decal Paper. HPS manufacturers and sells inkjet waterslide decal paper for inkjet printers. We were the first company to manufacture pre coated decal paper. Now there are several companies offering similar product and few of them have besides imitating our product  have even copied some of our instructions word for word. We also offer decal paper for laser printers.  Another type of transfer paper is our PPF (Papilio Perga Flat) paper. It is a basic gummed transfer paper that can be used to make ceramic decals. This paper is also called decal transfer paper but is not pre coated with decal film as the IAS  paper (Inkjet Aqua Slide)  for inkjet printers. The IAS paper is ideal for the r/c hobby or radio controlled models as the film is fuel proof. The use of the PAS paper for radio controlled is an ideal way to customize your project.

For several years HPS has supplied small manufacturer with decal paper for wax candles, soaps, furniture, model replicas, also waterproof inkjet  for organic shampoo bottles, clear ALPS printable self adhesive labels for vine bottles and so on. Many of our product are ideal for small manufacturing idea. We have several customers making an extra income using our media. We have customer that put wedding photos on large white oval candles. Small furniture manufacturer uses our PAS paper  in their finishing process when applying finishing coat to children's furniture. Few custom makers of fishing rods also use our PAS paper. Then we have several companies in the restoration business also using our decal paper. One manufacturer uses our PAS paper to apply antique novelty graphics to glass wall hanging. Our PAS paper and the IAS paper is popular among hobbyist making anything from small replicas up to flying radio controlled model airplanes and race cars. Our PAS paper can also be used to place photos on porcelain plates and porcelain mugs or ceramic mug mugs. Also ideal for train HO scale and other miniature replicas. Also production metal tags and when using our liquid urethane the PAS decal can used on motorcycle gas tanks, helmets, skate boards, surf boards, and when. The possibilities are almost endless. If after reading this you still don't see exactly what you are looking for please feel free to call us.


1) Copy/Print on to the White Paper

2) Spray the decal using clear acrylic spray. Follow instructions on spray can.

If you are using our clear decal fixative then Let the first coat (the puddle) sit on the decal for about 20 seconds and gently move the puddle around on the decal the first few seconds then wait. Then without applying any pressure on the decal use the foam pad to move the excess fluid off and over the edge of the paper on to a piece of cardboard and discard, leaving a thick and even coating on the image. Let dry for at least 8 hours or over night. Second coat may not be needed at all.

Applying the decal.

Cut out the image with scissors. Dip in warm water (not hot). The paper will roll up and then straighten out again.

When the film starts to loosen from the paper, place the paper on the substrate to be decorated, and slide the paper from under the decal.

Work out air bubbles with decal squeegee and let dry. It is important to remove all water and air.

Note: In some cases white clouds may appear in the clear film (may be slightly opaque) However the decal will turn completely clear over the period of 24 to 48 hours.

DO NOT cut out the decal first and then apply the solution as the edges of the paper will absorb the liquid making it impossible later to slide the decal off the paper.

Printing and Application Instructions

Item # IAS8511K

5 sheets pack


Pre-coated Water Slide Decal

Media Type



Makes Clear Decals


Most Desk Top Inkjet


For complete updated list of our media and to order on line go to WWW.PAPILIO.COM

As a precaution do not use this kit if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.

This following step is only applicable if you are using our liquid decal film. If you are using Krylon crystal

Read all instructions carefully before use. If you hold the narrow (thin) end of the foam pad the maximum pressure you can put on the decal is the gentle force that slightly bends the foam pad. Decal solutions are not to be used by minors. Use the clear decal solution in a well ventilated area. Do not print with high resolution when making "white" decals as the white fixative may then make the ink "the colors" run or bleed together. White and clear decal fixative may be difficult or impossible to remove from cloths or other items when dry. Do not thin the clear decal fixative. To make white decals use our white inkjet vinyl.

For improved result the paper in this kit can now be use with Krylon Clear Acrylic spray or use our LLA UV spray or use clear decal fixative.



The clear decals are made in the same way as the white decals with the following exceptions.

1) Use the CLEAR Decal fixative

Let the first coat (the puddle) sit on the decal for about 20 seconds and gently move the puddle around on the decal the first few seconds, then wait. Without applying any pressure on the decal, use the foam pad to move the excess fluid off and over the edge of the paper onto a piece of cardboard and discard, leaving a thick and even coating on the image. Let dry for at least 8 hours or overnight. A second coat may not be needed at all.

Applying the decal.

Cut out the image with scissors. Dip in warm water (not hot). The paper will roll up and then straighten out again.

When the film starts to loosen from the paper, place the paper on the substrate to be decorated, and slide the paper from under the decal.

Work out air bubbles with decal squeegee and let dry. It is important to remove all water and air.

DO NOT cut out the decal first and then apply the solution as the edges of the paper will absorb the liquid, making it impossible later to slide the decal off the paper.

Water slide decal instructions.

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Instructions updated Tuesday, March 25, 2008



Water Applied Decal Paper.

Please take few minutes to read this general descriptions about our other paper products.


AWT Adhesive Window Transparency Film

This inkjet printable clear film is very similar to our Inkjet Glossy Clear Vinyl but is made from polyester, giving it a thinner, yet stiffer feel. Perfect for creating permanent interior window decals, clear production labels, or any decoration where you want the color and texture of the substrate to be visible through the label or decal. Many of our customers rely on this media for creating production labels for their products, as well as arts and craft applications such as scrap booking. Some of our customers use this media to create graphics for antique restoration. The permanent adhesive on this media is an acrylic based adhesive, similar to that of a commercial bumper sticker. Removal is performed in the same way, with the aid of a razor or solvent. For removable adhesive clear inkjet printable media, please see our ~Inkjet Clear Ultra Cling~. To provide extra durability and some level of moisture resistance to this media, please consider using an over laminate product. We offer over laminate sheets such as ~Waterproof Over Laminate Sheet Media~ as well as our ~LLA5000~ aerosol UV laminate spray. Both of these materials help to provide UV, chemical, and physical resistance. Although this media is recommended for indoor use only. Using an over laminate can produce suitable decorations for temporary outdoor use, though prolonged outdoor exposure even with an over laminate can lead to faded or runny graphics or text.

Clear Inkjet Vinyl.  Here we have yet another great media that prints great in ANY inkjet desktop media. The cleat inkjet vinyl we offer when this is written in November 2002 in matte and the adhesive is slightly opaque. This media is great wherever you need inkjet printed label on clear base stock. Please keep in made that this media is not waterproof. However you can spray this label stock using clear spray. We recommend Krylon Crystal clear acrylic spray available in Wal-Mart  or similar product (Rust Oleum) from Home Depot.  We will soon or in the beginning of 2003 offer two new types of clear self adhesive inkjet media. Glossy clear inkjet self-adhesive inkjet vinyl and clear ultra low peel cling tack media.

LASER Decal Paper. The PAS paper (Papilio Aqua Slide) is also a pre coated decal paper such as the IAS paper mentioned her above. You will use this paper for all the same reasons as the IAS paper.  However the are few benefit and disadvantages to both this papers. The PAS paper is used only in Color laser printers that can handle this card stock. This paper is this 160 GSM or in other words it has the thickness of a greeting card stock. Therefore this paper can only be used in laser printers that have straight pathway through the printer and bypass tray. Once you have located printer that works with this paper this paper can be incorporated in numerous finishing techniques. The PAS paper is manufactured in two grades. PAS/2 and PAS/N. The difference between this two grades is the ability of the film to form to concaved convex object without wrinkling. The PAS paper is also thinner making it more ideal for use in professional applications, the only draw back it the PAS paper requires the use of expensive color laser printer where as the IAS paper can be used in any personal inkjet printer.


Basic Water Slide Paper. (water slip) Paper or basic gummed transfer paper such as the PPF paper can also be used to make temporary tattoos. We offer two types of temporary tattoo paper the PTT and the ITT. The PTT (Papilio Temporary Tattoo) paper is ideal for use in laser printers that can handle this card stock. For use together with the our two types of temporary tattoo paper we have brand new of transfer adhesive that make the creation of temporary tattoos much easier that when using liquid glue. This new product is called TTA (Tattoo Transfer Adhesive and is sold in sheet form. The use of this transfer adhesive also eliminated the need for wax paper. This adhesive has two release liners. Out ITT paper (Inkjet Temporary Tattoo) paper can be use in in most or all desk top inkjet printers, such as Canon, HP Lexmark, an the new Epson photo series and other printers not mentioned here.


Inkjet Printable Static Cling. One of our new product is the inkjet printable static cling. We begun coating static cling for inkjet printers in September 2002. The inkjet static cling opens un new interesting possibilities. Before making static cling labels was expensive as this had to be done by professional silkscreen printing shops. But now you can simply make your own static cling labels. We offer two types of static cling. Please keep in mind that this is TRUE static cling NO adhesive. The two types are clear and white.  On the instruction sheet for the static cling you will find more info about the different applications for the clear and the white. If you are looking for removable label to put on the inside of an car window or glass door (or for similar application) please click here to go to the static cling instruction paper or follow link from the main instruction page.
Magnetic paper. HPS is a main distributor of inkjet printable magnetic paper. Inkjet flexible magnetic.  (magnetic media and film) We offer magnetic paper made in the USA. We convert and die cut the magnetic paper here in Texas. We offer at this time glossy quality photo finish paper. We also have water proof magnetic kit ideal for use in Epson photo (UV resistant ink printers) to make durable outdoor inkjet printable magnetic signs. We are main suppliers of this media to schools here in USA. We also ship overseas and we offer competitive rates with Federal Express to most countries.
Glow in the dark paper. One of our latest product is an inkjet glow in the dark paper (media). We offer glow in the dark self adhesive media.  This media is coated in Texas by HPS and ideal for use in any inkjet desktop printer. Glow in the dark in new interesting media. You can use this to make fun labels for kids and other novelty signs labels and so on. Beside our standard glow in the dark we can make (coat) also industrial standard high quality glow in the dark inkjet receptive labels that will glow for about 10 hours. All out glow in the dark media is non toxic and completely safe for kids and adults as well. This media might be a great addition for your arts and craft products. 
Clear Cling Tack. We will soon offer ultra low peel glossy clear inkjet self-adhesive media. Ultra low peel cling tack media is a media that you can peel and stick over and over again. This media will leave no adhesive behind and can be used over and over again. This media is ideal for to print temporary announcements to put in clear view in office buildings and conference rooms/halls and hotels where adhesive tape may not be used.


Holographic film. We use the word holographic about new colorful inkjet media that reflect rainbow of colors. This media does not actually produce any holographic effect but this word "HOLOGRAPHIC" is the word used when describing  film that reflect the whole color spectrum deepening on the angel of the light reflections. Most often this type of media has silver color (metallic shine) as the basic color but the reflect all other colored when viewed from different angles. This media often comes in different patterns, such as fine dots, line or other irregular shape patterns that further enhances the reflection of different colors.  So in few words; this media does not make and 3-D effect but will make most colorful and interesting label after you finish printing onto is in your inkjet printer.
Satin Gloss.  Satin gloss self adhesive photo quality paper. With the explosive popularity of digital cameras and great improvements in picture quality together with improve print quality of today's inkjet printers, we have realize that there is growing demand for photo quality paper that has excellent photo quality and is also "peel n stick" without costing a fortune. Our satin gloss photo self adhesive is becoming one of our most popular item. Simply print peel and stick.  And it is also reasonable priced. You may incorporate this quality media into you art and craft business to make professional sticker and labels. This is a ideal "Do It You Self" Media. No need for laminator of messy glue that sometimes bleed through the paper and or ov3er time mess up the image by reacting with the ink.
Photo Glossy Film. Great media for glossy photo finish. This is also a self adhesive media. Ideal media to for anyone that loves to take photos using digital camera. You can print you photographs out is great details. Whether you use one of the new mega pixel digital cameras or more traditional SLR camera. Once you are ready to print out you creations this will be an ideal media.
Gold and Silver inkjet media. This media is not to be confused with our gold transfer foil. This is a self adhesive inkjet receptive shiny gold and silver polyester. This is great media for making diploma- placards. Making awards and other placard that you want to look like it was silk screen printed onto metal. This media also works using doming resin.
Inkjet Transparency. Ideal for teachers and business applications when using overhead projectors.  We also stock transparency or PET film with adhesive.
Most of our media is available in 8.5" X 11" and 11" X 17" In many cases we can also cut our media to other larger or smaller sizes.
If you don't see the inkjet media you are looking for listed here please call us at 871-489-5249 10 am to 4 pm central time.
For other "How to" questions please read our FAQ.

Disclaimer: The user of our media must determine the suitability of each product before beginning production, using his equipment and method of application. The Sellers and Manufactures maximum obligation shall be to replace paper/film that has been found to be defective. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller shall be held liable for any injury, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use our paper or film.

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