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Inkjet Self-Adhesive Clear Inkjet Vinyl

We proudly offer both glossy and matte clear inkjet vinyl. To view our entire selection of inkjet printable vinyl as well as all of our other desktop publishing products, please visit our e-commerce website located at: www.texascraft.com
HPS manufactures and sells a wide selection of other products including basic inkjet decal paper, economical gummed papers for the ceramics industry, and similar products such as our temporary tattoo paper for both inkjet and laser printers. Some of our other products include glow in the dark media, white and clear ultra cling media, white and clear static cling media all for both inkjet and laser printers. For printing bumper stickers or waterproof production labels on your inkjet printer try our white waterproof inkjet vinyl. Just a few of the other products we offer are glossy photo film, clear inkjet vinyl, and white inkjet vinyl all of which are self-adhesive. We are also a main distributor in the USA of flexible inkjet magnetic media. We offer inkjet magnetic paper in both glossy and matte finishes, along with pre die-cut sheets of magnetic inkjet business cards.

If you can't find the media you're looking for listed here please call us at (817)489-5249 from 9 am to 5 pm central time.


Clear inkjert self-adhesive vinyl.
 For inkjet printers

Clear Inkjet Vinyl Self Adhesive.

Media specifications

Self-Adhesive Clear Inkjet Vinyl
Size 8.5" X 11"
Printers Most Inkjet Printers
Color Glossy Clear
 3.5 MIL
Adhesive Permanent
Outdoor Life Not recommended  (If used outdoors it depends on over lamination)
Instructions Included (Click Here for PDF Document)
Tools Material needed None

Accepts heavy ink coverage for high resolution printing.

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Glossy Transparent Self-adhesive Inkjet vinyl
inkjet Transparency Film
10 sheet pack 8.5" X 11"  Item IVFG8511GC

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Glossy Transparent Self-adhesive Inkjet vinyl
inkjet Transparency Film
100 sheet pack 8.5" X 11" Item IVFG8511KH

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For more inkjet printable vinyl and our entire selection of products please visit our e-commerce site located at: www.texascraft.com

A clear inkjet printable polyester film useful for a wide variety of applications. From clear production labels which allow the customer to see the unique look and feel of your packaging through the label, to clear decorative decals used for arts and crafts projects where a peel and stick solution is required, even use this material to create permanent window notices on the interior of car or office windows. This film is a clear polyester, thinner yet stiffer than a similar vinyl. The adhesive is a permanent acrylic based adhesive which is similar to that used on a typical commercial bumper sticker. If the need to easily remove your decal or sign is an issue, please consider our Inkjet Clear Ultra Cling media instead. To add durability to your creation, we strongly encourage the use of an over laminate product. Whether you use a sheet based laminate such as our Waterproof Over Laminate Sheets or an aerosol spray such as our LLA5000 UV Laminate Spray an over laminate greatly increases the durability of any inkjet printed item. Even though we only officially recommend this item for indoor use, with the addition of an over laminate it can be used to create temporary outdoor decorations and signs.



Our White Inkjet Vinyl IVF8511 has been discontinued. We recommend using our waterproof WVF8511 as a replacement.  To view our White Waterproof Vinyl, click here
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