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Inkjet Printable Gold & Silver Adhesive Metallic Polyester Film.

Inkjet Gold and Silver adhesive film.


Give your projects a unique and interesting look with our Gold & Silver polyester film. Let your creations shine with the look of gold and silver.

HPS manufactures and sells a wide selection of other products including basic inkjet decal paper, economical gummed papers for the ceramics industry, and similar products such as our temporary tattoo paper for both inkjet and laser printers. Some of our other products include glow in the dark media, white and clear ultra cling media, white and clear static cling media all for both inkjet and laser printers. For printing bumper stickers or waterproof production labels on your inkjet printer try our white waterproof inkjet vinyl. Just a few of the other products we offer are glossy photo film, clear inkjet vinyl, and white inkjet vinyl all of which are self-adhesive. We are also a main distributor in the USA of flexible inkjet magnetic media. We offer inkjet magnetic paper in both glossy and matte finishes, along with pre die-cut sheets of magnetic inkjet business cards. Metallic adhesive decal paper.

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Inkjet gold and silver polyester film.
 For inkjet printers

Inkjet gold & silver self-adhesive film.


High glossy metallic shine polyester film

Size 8.5" X 11"
Printers All Desktop Inkjet Printers
Color Shiny high gloss GOLD and SILVER / CHROME
Thickness 3 mil
Adhesive Permanent
Outdoor Life Not recommended for outdoor use
Instructions Included (Inkjet printable gold & silver Metallic Polyester Film Instruction)
Tools/Material needed None

Photo Quality Inkjet Media Dries Instantly.

Metallic Self-Adhesive Poly Film
Made in USA.  Coated by HPS LLC Texas.


Inkjet Gold and Silver Polyester Adhesive Film.

High Quality Lustrous Inkjet Printable Metallic Poly-Film.

Use your inkjet printer to make metallic placards and signs in shiny metallic gold & silver. You can print on this media in either black or in color but for best results we recommend printing primarily in black with the gold, and black and color with the silver. The gold media will accept color but the effect tends to be better on the silver media.


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5 sheets 8.5" X 11" Item# SAP8511G5
10 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11" Item# SAP8511KK
100 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11" Item# SAP8511K100

5 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11" Item# GAP8511G5
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10 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11" Item# GAP8511KK
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100 sheets per pack 8.5" X 11" Item# GAP8511K100
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