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Inkjet Temporary Tattoo Paper for Inkjet Printers

Premium temporary tattoo paper with designs only limited by your imagination. Create temporary tattoos of any image, logo, or artwork you desire. Our temporary tattoo kit includes both the paper and the transfer adhesive sheets you need to start making your own tattoos right away.

HPS manufactures and sells inkjet waterslide decal paper, along with a wide selection of other products including basic inkjet decal paper, economical gummed papers for the ceramics industry, and similar products such as our temporary tattoo paper for both inkjet and laser printers. Some of our other products include glow in the dark media, white and clear ultra cling media, white and clear static cling media all for both inkjet and laser printers. For printing bumper stickers or waterproof production labels on your inkjet printer try our white waterproof inkjet vinyl. Just a few of the other products we offer are glossy photo film, clear inkjet vinyl, and white inkjet vinyl all of which are self-adhesive. We are also a main distributor in the USA of flexible inkjet magnetic media. We offer inkjet magnetic paper in both glossy and matte finishes, along with pre die-cut sheets of magnetic inkjet business cards. Tattoo decal paper.

If you can't find the media you're looking for listed here please call us at (817)489-5249 from 9 am to 5 pm central time.
Inkjet tatoo paper kit.
For inkjet printers

Inkjet temporary tattoo paper kit.

Media specifications


Temporary tattoo paper for Inkjet

Sizes 8.5" X 11"   & 11"X17"
Printers Any Inkjet printer
Color N/A 
Thickness 160 GMS
Adhesive N/A
Outdoor Life N/A
Instructions Included (Inkjet temporary tattoo paper kit instruction page)
Tools/Material needed Transfer Adhesive Sheets
Note: If buying in bulk, don't forget the transfer adhesive sheets
New inkjet temporary tattoo paper kit.

Temporary Tattoo Paper

Use this paper to make temporary tattoos that can either be worn almost instantly or saved for later.

Use our ITT paper kit to make fun temporary tattoos using you inkjet printer

Papilio Temporary Tattoo Paper Kit

Inkjet temporary tattoo paper kit.

Papilio Temporary Tattoo Paper Kit


5 sheets ITT paper (8.5" X 11")

5 Transfer Adhesive Sheets (8.5" X 11")

Item ITT8511GK

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Papilio Temporary Tattoo Paper (No Adhesive Sheets)
Temporary Tattoo Paper
100 Sheets 8.5" X 11"
 Item ITT8511K100


Temporary Tattoo Paper
500 Sheets 8.5" X 11"
 Item ITT8511K500


Papilio Transfer Adhesive Sheets
Transfer Adhesive Sheets
100 Sheets 8.5" X 11"
 Item TAH9512KH


Transfer Adhesive Sheets
500 Sheets 8.5" X 11"
 Item TAH9512KH5



For some people the word "tattoo" conjures up negative connotations. The use of temporary body art stickers is catching on for all sorts of things, from children's cartoon characters, sports team and company logos, and various other images and artwork. With our media you decide what becomes a body marking.
Our new transfer adhesive sheets are a great way to apply temporary tattoos and are much less mess than the tack method used previously.

Using the ITT Paper Kit

1) Using your favorite graphics design program, your clipart or photo collection, and your imagination create body art only limited by the bounds of your imagination.

2) If using an image containing text or logos be sure to print in REVERSE (or mirror image) Always print on plain paper first to test before using one of your ITT sheets.

3) Let the ink dry. Remove one liner from the transfer adhesive sheet and stick it to the ITT sheet.

4) Cut out your tattoo and remove the second liner just before application. Wet the tattoo and place it in the desired area. Hold the tattoo to your body for thirty seconds and then gently slide the paper away. You are left with a wonderful temporary piece of body art!

The tattoos made in this way are water proof and will last for several days. Removal is accomplished by simply applying baby oil. 


Note: Never attempt to reprint on an ITT sheet which has already been cut. Doing so can cause equipment damage.


Disclaimer: Some individuals may suffer reactions even when using medical grade glue. You must assume all responsibility for the use of this paper. If you do not accept full responsibility for the use of this product, return the unopened package to HPS for a full refund. Terms of sale are as listed on the invoice.

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