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Thermo-Weld transfer inkjet t-shirt paper media.


HPS manufacturers and sells clear inkjet self-adhesive vinyl. We also coat several other types of inkjet media such as inkjet basic decal paper. We have also developed economy gummed papers for the ceramic industry. And similar product the temporary tattoo paper. We offer temporary tattoo paper for both inkjet and laser printers.  Among our other products are pre coated decal paper for laser printers and inkjet printers.  We also offer glow in the dark media for laser and inkjet printers. In august 2002 we added inkjet static cling. The static cling is available in white and clear. To print inkjet bumpers tickers and other production labels we have white waterproof inkjet vinyl. And other media we offer just to mention few are photo glossy film, satin gloss paper and clear inkjet vinyl, all self adhesive. We are also main distributors in the USA of inkjet flexible magnetic. We offer inkjet magnetic (magnetic paper) in glossy and matte finish. We also have inkjet transparency film and window film (PET) self adhesive clear film.


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Thermo weld transer paper media.
 For inkjet printers

T-Shirt Transfer Paper.


Thermo-weldable media. Iron on white transfer paper/media.

Size 8.5" X 11"
Printers All Desktop Inkjet Printers
Color White. (Transfer photos in high resolution on to colored fabric/t-shirts)
Thickness N/A
Adhesive N/A
Outdoor Life N/A
Instructions Yes
Tools/Material needed Heat Press.


Thermo Weldable Media.

This new transfer paper for color inkjet printers, can be printed with 1440dpi and is especially suitable for high-resolution photographs. You can image all colored fabrics made of cotton or cotton blend, as well as synthetic fabrics (polyester, nylon, etc.). Create your own t-shirts, caps, mouse pads, bags etc

Thermo Weld-able Media
Inkjet Thermo Weldable
5 sheets 8.5" X 11" and one silicon cover sheet for ironing.
Item# PTW8511G
Please go to www.texascraft.com to check for the availability of this product.
Inkjet Thermo Weldable
10 sheets 8.5" X 11" and two silicon cover sheet for ironing.
Item# PTW8511KK
Please go to www.texascraft.com to check for the availability of this product.
Inkjet Thermo Weldable
50 sheets 8.5" X 11" and ten silicon cover sheets for ironing.
Item# PTW8511-50
Please go to www.texascraft.com to check for the availability of this product.


Use single sheet feeding only

Print on the coated, rough side of the transfer paper in right reading, not in mirror image! - Do Not Use T-Shirt Transfer Setting

For best results use high-resolution or photo-quality option

Trim away the unprinted paper around your image with scissors Generally it is recommended to increase color brightness and or saturation when printing.

Remove paper backing from transfer film

Tip: Tear paper backing slightly, about 1/8 inch, for easy removal of paper backing or use Exacto knife in corner between film and backing paper

Position imaged transfer film on garment with printed side face up Cover imaged transfer film with enclosed silicon paper then cover it with 5 sheets of normal paper (pre-pressed to take out the moisture) Onto cotton/cotton blends: Press at 375F using maximum pressure for 50 seconds*

Onto synthetic fabrics: Press at 350F using maximum pressure for 25 seconds*

Allow silicon to cool completely and peel off.

*High pressure is very important for high image quality and good washability. Under low pressure the black toner might bleed.

Always turn textile inside out before washing

Machine wash warm water 104F (40C )


Do not use harsh or bleaching materials

After washing we recommend turning shirt inside out and ironing the image from the back




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