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Textured Floor Graphic Floor Laminate.

HPS manufacturers and sells Textured floor over-laminate and waterproof laminate. Also laser self adhesive vinyl, laser water slide decal paper, laser basic decal paper, laser pre-coated decal paper, laser temporary tattoo paper, laser cling tack film, laser self adhesive white vinyl, clear self adhesive laser vinyl, laser static cling, white and clear, laser magnetic media, white matte laser magnetic paper, laser holographic film, holographic pattern film, laser glow in the dark, laser and Phaser Xerox glossy paper, laser transparency film.
If you don't see the media you are looking for listed here please call us at 817-489-5249 9 am to 5 pm central time. 


Textured 12 MIL over-laminate

Graphic cold laminate for inkjet.

Media specifications


Self Adhesive Laminate (Cold Laminate)

Size 9.5" X 13"
Printers N/A
Color Transparent Anti Skid Surface
Thickness 2.8 MIL
Adhesive Permanent Aggressive
Outdoor Life 5 year
Instructions Yes
Tools/Material needed N/A
Note: Has built in UV barrier
Use  this material to over-laminate floor graphics, mouse pads, counter graphics, POS display,  and all Alps graphics printed on Papilio Vinyl Film and Papilio Static/Cling Cling. Use outdoor or indoor.

Ideal for Mouse-Pads.

Over-laminate Film

Inkjet laminate for floor graphics.

Easy  to "apply" without trapping  air bubbles. It has built in UV protection and strong adhesive as well as  matte anti- skid textured surface.

One sheet will be enough to overlap two bumper stickers 4.25" X 11" each cut from 8.5" X 11" vinyl stock or use one 9.5" X 13" sheet to over-laminate one sheet of 8.5" X 11" for floor graphics or to laminate outdoor graphics.

To order this product and other over-laminate film from us please

go to www.texascraft.com or click here



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HPS LLC decal paper made in the USA.

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